knee high socks

The ideal alternative to full length tights and pantyhose in the warmer months of the year are knee high socks. Knee high socks look great with short skirts when they show off a little knee and they are also perfect for wearing with pants, jeans and dress slacks in the winter. They come in a variety of different weights so they can be worn with everything from flats to heels to boots.

Knee High Sock Advantages

The features of knee high socks that make them advantageous over tights are numerous. They are less inclined to get runs because they have less material, and they are lower profile and take up less space in your drawer. Knee high socks leave your knees and thighs free so you stay cooler all day and most feature a non-binding top cuff to hold the sock in place. Finally, they protect your shins and calves from getting rubbed by your boots. Knee high socks come in variety of types and weights, including:

On the hottest days of summer, go with ultra-sheer knee high socks and when you’re looking to keep yourself from getting cold in the cooler temperatures, go with a more opaque pair of knee high socks. With a hot miniskirt, nothing makes the outfit more than a pair of knee high socks. They add an alluring look by showing off a flash of leg without revealing too much. With a pair of dress pants and flats or heels, knee high socks cover your feet and you don’t have to worry about your pants getting hung up on your tights.






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