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Nursing a baby can seem to be an inconvenience, but it does not have to be if you are prepared with the proper accoutrements, like well-tailored nursing bras. Nursing bras allow a woman to feed her baby, even in a public place with the minimal amount of hassle. Comfortable and practical nursing bras are must-have items for all new moms.

Styles of Nursing Bras

Most nursing bras feature fold-down cups that allow a single breast to be exposed, one at a time. Nursing bras either have hook-and-eye closures for the drop-down cups and good nursing bras will generally have a couple different settings for the closure. Freshpair carries a wide selection of nursing bras, including nursing bras from popular brands and designers such as:

Nursing bras that fit properly will fit and feel like your regular bras, offering optimal support, while also offering the ability to easily nurse the baby without having to remove the bra. Fresphair carries a wide of selection styles and designs of nursing bras. Shop for nursing bras online at today and receive free shipping on your domestic order or nursing bras!




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Classic - Simple-meets-chic styles noted for minimalist design and moderate coverage.

Contemporary - Modern must-haves featuring sexy silhouettes, flirty prints, and saturated color.

Legacy - Time honored brands celebrated for dependable quality intimates.

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