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Moving Comfort is recognized within the women’s athletic and outdoor industry as having some of the finest fit and support standards of any sports bras. Moving Comfort apparel was first created by two women who loved running and found that the athletic apparel industry lacked proper-fitting clothing for women athletes. Women athletes in the seventies were relegated to wearing the smallest men’s sizes, so the two founders began by making the first Moving Comfort apparel thirty years ago.

As Moving Comfort sports bras have become more popular, the core mission has remained the same: to create and offer the finest performance apparel, sports bras, and accessories that will give women the support and inspiration they need to get fit, stay healthy and achieve their own personal successes, both in sport and in life.

When a woman wears their bra, she gets the benefit of unwavering commitment to perfect fit, support and comfort for every fitness level, activity and aspiration. Each sports bra is created by their design team that continually researches and evaluates every single seam, stitch and strap to ensure their products are the most supportive, comfortable and innovative on the market.

The DriLayer

Their sports bras all feature their exclusive DriLayer. The Drilayer is a moisture management technology that keeps your skin dry and chafe-free by transferring moisture away from your skin to the outside of the garment where it quickly disappears and evaporates. They also create bras to varying degrees of impact depending on the sport or activity:

High Impact Sports Bras

The bras that are designated for high impact sports are the best bras for running, soccer, martial arts, tennis and other sports. Some of the popular high impact bras are the Dori bra, the Cara sports bra (which also happens to be the most supportive innerwear Moving Comfort bra in their line), the Fiona bra and the Maia bra.

Medium and Low Impact

These are ideal choice gym workouts on the elliptical trainer, power walking, hiking and inline skating, a favorite is the Chloe sports bra. Low impact sports bras are everyday options that can be worn for yoga and pilates, weight training, golf and cycling. The Iris Sports Bra is another popular medium impact bra from Moving Comfort.

We are proud to have this brand’s bras in our repertoire of women’s athletic bra options. We regularly add new styles, colors and sizes, so check back often to be sure you’re wearing the best possible support system to enhance your athletic performance. Shop at Freshpair and receive free shipping on your next domestic order.




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