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Enell Bras

Enell bras are designed to offer real women the ability to actively participate in sports and activities and give them a high quality piece of performance wear that is state-of-the-art in providing support. Enell Sports bras are especially geared towards larger women and large breasted women who have searched and searched but are unable to find the best sports bras for their size.

Enell believes that women of all shapes and sizes should be allowed to participate in sports, and they shouldn’t layer sports bras to get the support they need. Especially in high-impact sports, Enell bras offer superior support for full figure and plus size women.


The Best Sports Bras

In order to attain physical fitness, good support is necessary. Enell sports bras provide great support for women with a large breast size. The construction of the bra features only the best quality materials and a compression-style design. They are made to fit tightly and close with a very secure hook-and-eye front closure panel. The Enell ultra-wide rib anchoring band holds it in place while the wide, rigid straps minimize bounce without digging into a woman’s shoulders when she goes up for a lay-up or hits the twenty-sixth mile of her marathon.

The back of Enell sports bras feature cross straps for posture control and added back support. The outer fabric is sleek and smooth so it will never cling to your base layer or performance tops. Plus, the fabric of each and every bra is treated with a wicking treatment to help transfer moisture away from your body and keep you cool and dry from the beginning of your workout right up to the end. Enell has many innovative features, including:

Enell in the Media

Enell Sports bras have been a favorite among women since they were first introduced. Oprah has had one on the O List in the Oprah Magazine since she first tried one. She said “once you get yourself hooked into this thing, believe me – they’re not going anywhere.” It’s a great vote of confidence from Oprah, and we all know Oprah likes to get her workout on and she needs that full figure support.

Sports Illustrated Women featured the Enell Bra and called it the ultimate sports bra for well-endowed women. It has also been featured in Runner’s World, Women’s Sports & Fitness, and many more magazines. They have been endorsed by Olympic athletes such as track and field athlete Pam Spencer-Marquez and pro beach volleyball player Tiffany Anderson.

Drew Barrymore was turned into an instant fan of the Enell Sports bra and even claimed: “this thing’s going to change my life.” She was able to run and jump rope in it, feeling support instead of pain. Fitness Plus Magazine rated it the ultimate for motion control. Living Fit recommended it as the perfect selection for larger-breasted active women. Shape says the Enell bra makes exercise more enjoyable while it lessens the feeling of impact.

One of Enell's best-selling bras at Freshpair is the high-impact Enell Sports Bra. This sports bra offers essential support and comfort for all athletic activity. This bra is designed to reduce breast bounce while never squishing or squeezing your breasts.

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