Freshpair loves the spring. No one is happier than us when the snow turns to sludge and the days began to get longer. We always found spring is a nice time to redo, or at least update, our clothing. We have a whole collection of newly released underwear, activewear, t-shirts, and more. Keep reading to see our personal favorite men’s new arrivals for March.

Product: Calvin Klein Cotton Stretch Wicking 3 Pack Hip Brief NB2613: $45


The weather in the spring can be extremely volatile. It goes from windy and frigid to warm and sunny in a single day. It’s important that during this time of year, you’re wearing underwear made for temperature regulation. It’s best to pick styles that are breathable and provide all-day airflow to the body. 

These briefs by Calvin Klein are made of ultra-soft fabric. The brief style underwear has high cut legs and a low rise elastic waistband for a figure-flattering fit. The briefs seaming detail and contour pouch prevent irritation while providing support. Moisture-wicking features keep you cool and dry while a stretch composition allows complete flexibility. These briefs are light, airy, and very flattering. 

Product: Andrew Christian Vibe Stripe Sports Mesh Jock 91851: $22.50

Mesh is a great material. It allows ultimate airflow and has a lightweight feel to it. With mesh, you never feel as if heat and bacteria are being trapped. The problem with this fabric is its lack of structure and support. The fabric has a hard time creating any lift, definition, or protection. To get the best of both worlds, we recommend picking styles that incorporate mesh in their design. 


Andrew Christian’s latest jockstrap is made of patterned fabric with mesh details. The jockstrap style underwear is stylish but can be worn for even intense exercise. This jockstrap has a classic minimal coverage rear with wide mesh straps meeting at the back. Its hang-free pouch provides strong yet natural-feeling support. You’ll love the cool feel and flattering lift this jockstrap provides. 

Product: 2UNDR Men's Swing Shift Boxer Print 2U01BB: $19.80


The boxer brief is a popular style of underwear for many reasons. One is that they can actually make the pants or shorts your wearing on top fit better. Some other styles of underwear can cause bunching up as the fabric moves around. This creates unflattering wrinkles, as well as all-day tugging and adjusting. Other underwear can ride up, creating a wedgie situation. Though this obviously causes irritation, a wedge also looks terrible in the rear. A sleek fitting boxer brief can solve all these problems. Why bother buying a whole new pair of pants when your underwear can make a massive difference?

This Swing Shift boxer brief by 2UNDR is going to change the way you look at underwear. This boxer brief is made of shrink-resistant material that remains soft wash after wash. Flatlock seams prevent chafing, while a roll-resistant waistband keeps you in place. 2UNDR’S patented Joey Pouch with a quick access fly front comfortably secures and supports you with a No-Drip-Tip™ with a hydrophobic membrane to keep you cool and dry. You won’t find anything this advanced anywhere else.

Product: 2EROS Adonis Thong U8152: $33

Men’s thongs are often thought of as strictly sexy. They are usually associated with raunchy fabrics and bold design details. While Freshpair is proud to offer something for everyone, we’re here to let you know men’s thongs can be used for more than the bedroom. They offer many benefits that you’ll appreciate throughout the workday or lunch with a friend.


The Adonis thong by 2EROS is versatile and comfortable. The thong is made of highly durable and ultra-absorbent material, which feels soft on the skin. 4-way stretch allows a full range of mobility while the contactless support system prevents chafing and irritation. Its CURV contour pouch provides structure and protection without squishing and squeezing. The low rise, exposed elastic waistband holds you up while a minimal coverage rear gives you a sleek, seamless appearance. The thong is part of the LFE(Life, Fabric, Ethical) collection. This means it was ethically created from renewable fabric, allowing you to feel as good as you look. 

Product: Tommy Hilfiger Cotton 3-Pack Classics Boxer Brief 09TE015: $39.50

The only thing we’re not excited about for Spring is the allergies. We hate sneezing, sniffling, and coughing as much as the next person. While we can’t help with side effects like that, we can offer some tips on how to keep your skin calm. Rashes, chaffing, and irritation are often not caused by changes in the weather, but by our skin’s reaction to what we’re wearing. As it heats up, your skin becomes more prone to rub against the fabric. The best remedy is to wear breathable styles with cotton fabric and a relaxed fit. 


This classic boxer brief 3 pack by Tommy Hilfiger is perfect for sensitive skin. The boxer briefs are made of 100% cotton. This fabric is hypoallergenic, soft, and breathable, for all-day comfort. You’ll feel supported but not crushed with a strong contour pouch. The underwear’s seamless rear creates a smooth appearance while rib-knit leg openings provide flexibility. Because we love multi-packs, we’re even more thrilled to see this style comes in 3. 

We hope you enjoyed reading our trending March styles. We have tons more underwear for you to explore. We also a full collection of activewear, t-shirts, swimwear, and more! Take a look at our women’s selection as well. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more updates, and read our weekly blog for more insider information. We love sharing with you.