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When women are asked what they would change about their bodies if they could change one thing, a high percentage say they’d love to slim down and specifically in the waist area. It’s no wonder the corset, the original waist cincher, was worn by most women in the 1800’s. The times may change, but women don’t. Women want to look good. A waist cincher is one way for a woman to feel good about her outward appearance. The truth about most clothing is that it is revealing, and not in a sultry sense. Fabric is soft and, without a waist cincher, it’s easy to see the bulges on a woman’s body under her clothes. The good news is: all it takes to get rid of those bulges is a single waist cincher.

Shapewear is a revolution in the women’s underwear market because it is not just a solution for helping women fit into their clothes, but it is also empowering for them. When a woman finds a waist cincher that gives her that hourglass figure she always dreamed about, suddenly she faces the world with renewed vigor and joy.

Some of the waist cincher options target just the waist, and others target all-around slimming. There are several things most waist cinchers have in common, however. A good waist cincher should include these features:
One of the most popular waist cincher styles at Freshpair is the Spanx High-Falutin’ Footless. This is a perfect solution for women looking for both a waist cincher and a footless tight. While offering slimming through the midsection, this tight leaves the feet free to flaunt open-toed shoes.

Another popular item, thanks to Oprah, is the Sassybax Torso Trim with Underwire. This waist cincher truly battles the bulges women get from their bras under their clothes. A waist cincher with built-in support is a one-step solution to fix two issues with one piece.

The Body Wrap High Waist Thong is the perfect example of a thong style waist cincher. This shapewear piece eliminates pantry lines while it lends a slimming effect to the midriff.

Women who are looking for a waist cincher that feels mostly like a panty will like the Spanx Slim Cognito Control Panty or the Body Wrap Thong. Both of these shapewear pieces goes just to the waist and stops, rather than extending up to the rib cage. The edges of these pieces are designed to lay flat and leave no bulges or lines.

Women should all own at least one waist cincher piece to give them that extra boost of confidence when they need it. A waist cincher is the ideal piece of shapewear, especially if you only own one piece, for every woman to own.






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