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Full figure shapewear is arguable the original shapewear. Women looking to slim their figure tend to be looking for plus size shapewear because rail thin women don’t have much need for slimming. But full figure shapewear can give every woman, even the ones who’ve struggled with their body image, a positive attitude towards clothing and feeling sexy. Plus size shapewear is the ideal solution for women with full figures.

We carry a variety of different plus size shapewear to cater to our full figure customers. This type of shapewear is made by several different brands and comes in numerous styles. All share a few things in common:

Some full figure shapewear is the same construction as regular shapewear but in larger sizes, and other full figure shapewear is specifically designed for full figure women. One piece of plus size shapewear that falls into the latter category is the Body Wrap Full Figure High-Waist Capri, designed to slenderize waist, hips and thighs. This plus size lingerie item fits like a tight with firm control and a high waist, with a seamless microfiber design. Body Wrap makes the plus size shapewear item called the Body Wrap Full Figure High-Waist Long Leg, which offers firm control in a seamless microfiber design to slenderize the hips and thighs. The Body Wrap Full Figure High-Waist Brief is another full figure shapewear piece designed to slim the midriff. The Body Wrap Full Figure Bodysuit with Underwire is a full figure shapewear piece that offers supreme support for the breasts as well as slenderizing in the midsection, making it a two-in-one solution.

Oprah has talked up shapewear since it first became popular, and she is a big supporter of full figure shapewear. Oprah has gone to lengths to discuss the virtues of plus size shapewear, mostly because she has reaped the benefits of wearing these items herself. In Oprah’s Panty Primer, she teached women how to wear slimming solutions to reduce visible panty lines with non-binding edges and thong style full figure shapewear. Oprah did a series called “The O Panty Intervention,” where she taught women to wear their shapewear right, including plus size shapewear. In the year 2000, Oprah discovered Spanx and she brought the product on her show to share with the public. This was the first time she touted the benefits of plus size shapewear. And since that time, she has always been a believer. She even says she gave up wearing underwear entirely in order to wear shapewear every day. She encourages full figure women to do the same and wear full figure shapewear not just for special days, but for every day.

Full figure women deserve to feel good about their bodies and have a fabulous body image just like every other women. And since not everyone is built the same, plus size shapewear is the great equalizer.






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