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Shock Absorber first began in 1994, in response to research conducted at Edinburgh University. The research prompted the design of a bra, engineered to counteract the negative side effects of exercise on a woman's body. It was the first of its kind; a true breakthrough for athletic women worldwide.

Soon after, athlete Sally Gunnell, endorsed Shock Absorber, allowing for the brand to officially launch. At the time, Shock Absorber had already developed sports bras with varying impact levels. They also had a variety of style choices, with sizes available in up to a G cup.

Since 2005, Shock Absorber has tested every single design at the University of Portsmouth, for 3D movement. This technology tracks breast movement from every angle using infrared cameras. This provides new insights into the importance of sport bras, as well as how to best reduce breast movement during physical activity.

Shock Absorber believes a good sports bra is essential to every woman's wardrobe-- its not a luxury, its a necessity. Their products are a favorite amongst female athletes, including former spokeswomen, Anna Kournikova and Jade Johnson.They are always aiming to provide women with the best support and comfort, in a wide range of sizes. Wearing a proper sports bra during your workouts can reduce breast movement, prevent sag, increase support, and boost your confidence.  

Shock Absorber at Freshpair

At Freshpair®, we have a selection of Shock Absorber sport bras with a variety of different features, including,


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