Mens Athletic Underwear

Welcome to Men's Athletic Underwear Department, a great place to find men’s athletic underwear. No matter the sport, athletes will appreciate our huge selection of athletic underwear for almost every sport need. To see all of our athletic underwear on one page, click here to view all of athletic underwear.

Freshpair's men's athletic underwear for sports includes popular brands like 2xist underwear, C-in2 underwear, Ginch Gonch underwear, Calvin Klein underwear, Hanes underwear, Fruit of the Loom underwear, Tommy Hilfiger underwear, and many other athletic underwear. Our men's athletic underwear collection includes briefs, jock straps, trunks, boxer briefs, compression shorts and more. Read on about some of our athletic underwear, or click on the product above to learn more. You may also want to check out our athletic sock collection.

Jockstraps & Athletic Supporters

A lot of athletes choose to wear a jockstrap or athletic supporter for playing sports. We have a large collection of jockstrap underwear. The jockstrap was invented in 1874 in Chicago, and the jockstrap can be referred to by other names, like athletic supporter or jock. It is a type of men's undergarment designed to be used in playing sports. It contains a wide elastic waistband that wraps around the bottom area. The protective pouch in the front can be fitted to hold an impact resistant cup to protect the men from sport related injury. There are a number of jockstrap types including: Wide band with a cup, Fashion jock, Wide band without a cup, Narrow waistband, Jock brief and others. We carry a number of jockstraps in our men’s athletic underwear collection. The following brands offer jockstrap underwear: Unico, C-in2 underwear, Go Softwear underwear, Ginch Gonch underwear and other brands.

General Athletic Underwear:

Men with active lifestyles may choose to buy a general athletic underwear. Such as a Bike Brief, from the Bike men’s athletic underwear collection. The two-way stretch of this Bike athletic support brief provides firm support, making this brief ideal for all athletic activities The Calvin Klein underwear collection has a Calvin Klein Pro Stretch Trunk that may another great choice for general athletic activities. The Calvin Klein Pro Stretch Trunk features a sporty design and an ergonomic shape that hugs the body, creating a sexy look and feel. The legs are cut shorter than a regular boxer brief, giving this Calvin Klein underwear a sexy and sporty vibe. The C-IN2 Core Jock Strap has been designed for a man with an active lifestyle in mind. This jock strap is perfect for the gym, running or when you just want that seamless look.

Biking or Playing Sports

For the game day or for biking, you may choose to look at Bike Compression Performance Short, from the Bike athletic men’s athletic underwear collection, offers therapeutic compression for hamstring, abdomen, groin, and quadriceps muscle groups. Designed with circular knit construction and two-way stretch, these Bike compression shorts keep muscles warmer and looser, reducing serious muscle pulls. They also fight fatigue by decreasing muscle vibration and reduce swelling that might occur after a blow or injury. The Bike CPS Compression Performance Short acts like a second skin to lessen abrasions and is an ideal choice for men looking for athletic underwear.

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