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Women's DD+ Strapless Bras

Celebrate your curves! 68% of women in the US wear a size 14 or above, making full figure women the majority. Finding the right bra for your body and breast size is exceptionally important. The perfect full figure bras will elevate your look and your confidence with ease. Designed for women with larger breasts, bras for big busts are often created with a variety of features to shape and support you in style! 

Freshpair features a wide variety of full figure bras for every woman. Not everyone can fit into an A, B, C or D cup bras. Freshpair’s selection of DD+ bras is just the solution you need. Large cup bras feature innovative designs such as a leotard back, muli-part cups and seams, wider straps, while including a feminine touch of lace and embroidery to help you feel sexy AND supported. 

We’ve rounded up our best strapless bras. Often a struggle for plus size and full bust or full figure bras, there are a variety of styles that can help support your curves. Great for bandeau tops, strapless dresses, one shoulder styles make having a strapless bra a must have. Find complete comfort and support that will stay put. Convertible bras that turn into strapless is also a fantastic option. Find your perfect fit with Freshpair!

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