socks for men

Socks for Men

Though men’s socks are frequently the last thing guys think about buying, they are essential part the wardrobe for most activities. At Freshpair, we take into account that not all men’s socks, like underwear, are one size fits all. There are different styles for different personalities and activities.

Whether you're running around the office, or jumping around the court, hanging around the house, or hiking through the mountains, Freshpair offers a wide variety of men’s socks, many of which come in convenient multi-packs for added savings. And of course, Freshpair carries many different brands of men’s socks from the classic favorites that’ll never let you down, to more stylish brands.


Athletic Socks for Men

The Athletic sock is a great type of sock for men who want a breathable, comfortable style that also comes in many different lengths, fabrics, and brands for different levels of athletic activity. Freshpair has athletic socks that are great for everyday use, as well as serious exercise. Our wide variety of styles include top sock brands like Wigwam and Falke.


Casual Socks for Men

For those occasions that call for socks that are less sporty and for more casual affairs, Freshpair offers many styles that come in the traditional and versatile crew length, and in many different colors and patterns for a variety of occasions. Like our athletic mens sock collection, these are designed to offer maximum comfort for all seasons. Like athletic socks, casual styles are always good to have handy for an unexpected night on the town, or when it’s time to break out that suit.

White Socks for Men

At Freshpair, we think it’s important to offer both the hottest and highest quality brands with the most stylish and wide selection while also offering a terrific selection of the classics. White socks are the staple of men’s socks. Therefore, Freshpair offers lots of white sock selections while in different lengths, materials, and specifications.

Remember, when you shop socks for men at Freshpair you'll receive free shipping on all U.S. orders. No matter what the activity, we have the perfect pair of men’s socks for you.




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