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Players underwear is manufactured by R&B, Inc. which opened its first mill in Morrisville, Vermont in 1986 with the production of a high quality, Men's Nylon Tricot Underwear program. Since then the Players underwear line for men has grown and prospered and is available in numerous styles in several different colors, with a huge size range. Most styles are offered in sizes small all the way up to a 6X-large. This is why Players underwear is a huge name in Big & Tall underwear for men. The primary emphasis of this company has been to construct an exceptionally well-crafted men's underwear garment with attention to quality and detail.

In 1991, Players underwear entered the cotton men's underwear market and began producing Big and Tall 100% combed cotton underwear. Besides their cotton underwear, Players is almost as well known for their high quality nylon tricot underwear pieces. Players nylon tricot underwear is America's best value in tricot underwear. This Players underwear is of exceptional quality assuring excellent fit. The underwear is all unconditionally guaranteed and proudly made in America. Available in a variety of colors, Players underwear tricot men's underwear is a favorite among athletic and active guys. A popular style of the nylon tricot Players underwear is the Players Men's Tricot Nylon Boxer. The Players Tricot Nylon Men's Boxer is from the Players underwear collection. This boxer is made of 100% single pack luxurious nylon that is lightweight and easy to care for and ideal for traveling. The quick drying nylon fabric of this Players underwear Tricot Nylon Men's Boxer makes this Players underwear item a favorite among active guys everywhere.

Popular Players T-Shirts & Underwear:

The most popular Players underwear style at Freshpair is the Players Big Men's Cotton Brief 2-Pack because it’s an ultra-classic brief made from 100% preshrunk combed cotton rib and is perfect for men who need larger sized underwear. Another great Players underwear item is the Players Tall Man's Cotton Crew Neck T-Shirt 2-Pack, which is perfect for layering or wearing as outerwear because it has classic lines and is made from preshrunk combed cotton, with a generous length that works great for tucking in. Another item that is popular among taller or bigger men is Big Man's Cotton Athletic Tank Top 2-Pack, the quintessential men's tank for summer wear and for layering under dress shirts. The Big Man's V-Neck T-shirt 2-Pack is a great offering for big men who want to stock up on their favorite traditional V-neck T-shirts. The Big Man's Cotton Crew Neck T-Shirt 2-Pack makes it easy to stock up on these great preshrunk combed cotton t-shirts.

Popular Tricot Nylon Style Underwear:

The Players underwear tricot nylon collection has a super-lightweight sheer feel that never makes men feel weighed down. The most popular Players underwear tricot nylon style is the Players Men's Tricot Nylon Boxers, a gym-short inspired classic boxer fit with an elastic waist. The Players underwear Tricot Nylon Men's Brief is like a hybrid between a brief and a trunk so it’s ultra-comfortable and sits flat under pants. Other popular tricot nylon styles from the Players underwear company are the Players Tricot Nylon Athletic Tank Shirt and the Players Tricot Nylon Crew T-Shirt.



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