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Women have long benefited from the many lines of shapewear items available to them. It is now time for men to be able to have the same option of added body confidence that comes with shapewear. Enter Equmen. Equmen proudly supports the men of the world with their line of men’s shapewear. Equmen shirts optimize and energize the body and are crafted with the latest high performance technologies and state-of-the-art designs.

Equmen Benefits

By no means does Equmen sacrifice form for function. Equmen designs artfully balance the body-shaping technology with a sleek fashion sense. Equmen shaping t-shirts are available in three different styles: Long-sleeved, V-Neck, and Tank Top. Each design fits like a second skin while sculpting, toning, and improving body mechanics. The benefits of Equmen are not merely cosmetic. Equmen shaping garments work for men’s bodies in a variety of ways, including:


Equmen shirts are versatile and can be worn anywhere from the office to the gym. Equmen shapewear items tailor your body under clothing to provide everyday ergonomic support and to improve your form during physical activity. Far from being restrictive, shapewear from Equmen is designed to provide a full range of motion and to self adjust to the wearer’s body. Equmen is a wonderful fusion of comfort, fashion, and compression, making Equmen the perfect addition to everyman’s wardrobe.



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Designer - Finely crafted collections featuring the best fabrics and body defining fits.

Bold - Fashion forward styles with lower rises, on-trend colors, and edgy prints.

Thrill - Provocative styles with minimal fabric and maximum sex appeal.

Classic - Understated collections and essential basics favored for a comfortable, tailored fit.