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The Bike Athletic Company opened its doors in 1847 under the name the Bike Web Company with the original athletic supporter designs. These designs were created to give support to bicycle jockeys who had to navigate the heavily cobbled streets of Boston all day. Because of this history, they called their product the Bike jock strap. Bike has currently sold more than three hundred million jock straps and Bike athletic supporters. Bike Underwear and Bike Athletic Supporters is worn by athletes around the world, and the company continues to create new products to protect athletes and enhance their performance.

It has been constant dedication to innovation that has built the success of the Bike Underwear over the years. Not only have they continued to build on their jockstrap designs, but they have also developed a wide assortment of other athletic products. One of their claims to fame is their football helmet, which set the standard for weight and comfort among all helmet designers, while retaining the highest standard of protection. When Bike created the compression short, they knew they had done something truly innovative. They found that compressing isolated muscle groups was able to help an athlete’s circulation as well reduce fatigue and enhance performance. Most recently, Bike has created Aeroskin, a layer that pulls moisture away from the skin, and ProFlex2 cups with a wave shape to prevent cracking, a comfortable soft edge design and impact force distribution for the ultimate in protective performance.

Bike Underwear Quality

For 130 years, Bike underwear products have been enhancing athletic performance on fields and courts because of their dedication to innovation and leading-edge design. Professional athletes and weekend warriors alike have learned to trust the Bike underwear to offer only the greatest quality products. Every product is extensively tested and recommended by professionals.  Bike underwear is offered in many collections, including:

Bike underwear is one of the top 50 brands for sports, according to Sporting Goods Business. The brand is trusted by athletes and coaches alike. With a reputation for producing excellent products that has been developed over more than a century, Bike revels in its reputation as foremost supplier of athletic protection for men.

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