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The French word “panache” literally means “plume,” like the kind worn on a hat or helmet. The word is now used to describe someone with distinctive and stylish elegance. Panache Bras are well-designed to provide both fashion and function for women with larger cup sizes. No more compromises—Panache Bras are supportive without looking utilitarian. Panache Bras range in sizes from 32A to 38G, in styles from sports bras to lacy balconnets.

Full Coverage Panache Bras

Panache Bras are available in larger cup sizes in several styles. All of these bras have underwire support and fit band and cup sizes 30D to 38G:

  • Carnation
  • Venus
  • Tango Pure
  • Tango II
  • Inferno
  • Porcelain
  • Superbra
  • PS Sports Bra

Also for women in this size range is the Panache Bras Venus Thong Body Suit, an open-backed, adjustable crotch, all-over lace body suit designed for your special day.

Petite Panache Bras

But Panache Bras are not just for women with larger cup sizes. The Atlantis bra line is perfect for smaller-chested women looking for a natural-looking push-up. The Panache Bras Atlantis T-Shirt Bra has liquid-filled cups that look and feel natural, shaping pads for a smooth contour that won’t show through thin fabrics and are available in three colors for maximum versatility.

The Panache Bras Atlantis strapless T-Shirt Bra features lightweight cups with a gel bump pad for fuller cleavage, convertible straps for a variety of necklines and is available in two colors. No matter your style or size needs, Panache Bras has something for everyone. Shop at Freshpair.com today and get free shipping on your order!


At Home Bra Fitting


Love Panache bras, but unsure of your fit? Check out Freshpair.com's At Home Bra Fitting Program, featured in InStyle Magazine's "2012 Best Bras" as one of their favorite online shops. The program helps you find bras with a perfect fit...just for you! 

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