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One of the sexiest ways to make your panty lines disappear under clothing is with a g-string thong. Named after the g-string on a guitar, a womans g-string is a type of thong with a very minimal amount of fabric. G-string thongs are made to disappear under even a thin, light-colored or skin-tight garment.

When you look for g-strings, think about what fabric makes you feel most comfortable. Most g-string thongs are ultra low-rise with minimal back coverage, so they’re invisible under close-fitting clothing. Wear a g-string underneath anything in your wardrobe when you want to slip into something slinky.

G-string underwear for women is available in a wide variety of colors and designs to accommodate whatever you’re looking for in your womens underwear. Check out a few great brands offering g-strings:

G-String Underwear

Advances in g-string underwear design means g-strings can now be worn every day of the week. Most g-string panties are available in only one size, although the Hip-G from On-Gossamer comes in S/M, M/L, and L/XL. Whether you’re dressing for a hot date or want to maximize your assets round-the-clock, when you shop for g-string thongs at Freshpair you'll receive free shipping on all U.S. orders.






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Classic - Simple-meets-chic styles noted for minimalist design and moderate coverage.

Contemporary - Modern must-haves featuring sexy silhouettes, flirty prints, and saturated color.

Legacy - Time honored brands celebrated for dependable quality intimates.

Sophisticated - A-list collections showcasing plush fabrics and exquisite design.