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The difference between Full brief underwear and full figure underwear is:
Our full figure underwear collection encompasses a wide range of styles to suit every woman's personality. We carry:
Most intimate apparel companies make full figure underwear. So you can wear your favorite brands in styles created just for you. Some of the finest brands making full figure underwear these days are:
Since full figure has become a household word – thanks in part to the specials Oprah has done on bra-fitting – intimate apparel companies have realized the huge market in developing their products and refining their fits for everyone, not just the skinny supermodel type. Full figure underwear has become almost ubiquitous now and it’s been something of a renaissance for the full figure woman. Finally, instead of trying to squeeze into panties that were scaled larger from the optimum tiny size, full figure women now have panties that were designed and sized specifically for their bodies.

At Freshpair, we are proud to cater to our full figure clientele. Because we pride ourselves on having something for everyone, we offer a wide selection of full figure underwear from all the hottest brands. Shop today and get Free Shipping on full figure underwear!






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Classic - Simple-meets-chic styles noted for minimalist design and moderate coverage.

Contemporary - Modern must-haves featuring sexy silhouettes, flirty prints, and saturated color.

Legacy - Time honored brands celebrated for dependable quality intimates.

Sophisticated - A-list collections showcasing plush fabrics and exquisite design.