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Pantyhose had their first inkling in the 1920’s, when the couture hemline for women’s skirts and dresses rose enough to show off women’s legs. At that point, hosiery was only available as stockings, most often made out of silk. Control top pantyhose were not even a glimmer in the eyes of hosiery’s creator. In 1965, the original seam-free version of pantyhose was developed to coincide with the miniskirt. Control Top pantyhose were just around the corner because women, of course, wanted something to act as a slimming agent in addition to adding warmth and coverage.

Control top pantyhose are just a regular pair of pantyhose with a reinforced panty. In general control top pantyhose are a solution to the bulges women feel in their midsections. The manufacturers of control top pantyhose have created "Sheer to Waist", which is exactly as it sounds: sheer from the toe to the waist so there are no panty lines. These control top pantyhose are ideal for mini skirts, high slit gowns or for wear with lingerie, which is one of the big secrets of sexy women everywhere. Some control top hosiery has panel gussets built into the construction.

Styles and Brands of Control Top Pantyhose

At Freshpair, we carry several different styles of control top hosiery. The most coveted piece of control top hosiery in our collection is by far the Spanx Power Panties with Tummy Control, which offers slimming support in a mid-thigh length with tummy control. These control top pantyhose are perfect for wear in place of underwear with short skirts and flirty dresses because it allows no bulging and has no pinching leg bands. We carry many other quality brands and styles of control top pantyhose, including:

The Spanx Higher Power with Tummy Control offers similar slimming support in a mid-thigh length with tummy control that extends high up over the midriff for the ultimate comfort and slimming. This control top hosiery piece yields no visible panty lines. Another control top hosiery piece is the Spanx All The Way Full-Length Pantyhose with Super Control. these control top pantyhose offer body shaping support to comfortably smooth and slim the tummy, thighs and rear. With added strength, this control top hosiery won’t run or snag all the way from the waist to the invisible reinforced toe.

Footless Control Top Pantyhose

Women who seek a footless option for their control top hosiery are fond of the Spanx Footless Bodyshaping Pantyhose with Super Control or the Spanx Footless Bodyshaping Pantyhose with Medium Control. Both pieces of control top hosiery look a bit like leggings, the fashionable look these days. Another popular choice for control top pantyhose is the Spanx Two-Timin’ Tights with Tummy Control, which reverse from black to brown, black to grey, or black to navy.

Another popular option at Freshpair for control top pantyhose is the Spanx All The Way Full-Length Pantyhose with Medium Control, which are similar to the All The Way Full Length with Super Control but with slightly less compression in the control top pantyhose. Every woman is sure to find the right style of control top hosiery for her from our wide selection. Shop for control top hosiery at Freshpair and get free shipping on your domestic order!






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