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One of the sexiest ways to ensure comfort and support under low-cut necklines is with a demi cup bra. Demi cup bras reveal more than full coverage bras with an open neckline, wide straps and cut-away cups. Wear a demi cup bra every day underneath nearly anything in your wardrobe when you’re ready to turn heads.

Not all demi cup bras are the same. Intended to create sexy cleavage and shape your bust, they are designed with careful attention to cup construction, degrees of foam or light gel padding, and inner pockets where you can insert removable pads for extra curves. When shopping for demi cup bras, consider technical differences such as lined versus unlined construction. Some demi cup bras are seam-free, so they’re invisible under close-fitting clothing. Other demi cup bras are ideal for women with recent breast augmentation because their underwire shape is tailored to fit and support an augmented breast.

Not only are demi cup bras here at Freshpair functional, but they also help you look great. Demi cup bras are available with a variety of fashion details, colors both practical and daring, and fabrics that are fashionable and sexy. Some demi cup bras add feminine allure with touchable fabrics like stretch lace for an upscale vintage lingerie look. Whether you’re looking for sexy lace trim or heavy padding and lining, our selection of demi cup bras give you the everyday oomph you crave without a lot of effort. Choose from:

Strapless Demi Cup Bra

Strapless demi cup bras allow you to put on casual and formal wear without having to worry about unsightly straps. In U-wire bustier styles, the strapless demi cup bra from Donna Karan includes light-weight and flexible boning for supportive shaping. Offering no-show support under everything from form-fitting sexy dresses and tops to evening wear, this low-back demi cup bra has wrap-around non-slip silicone beading to provide secure support.

Padded Demi Cup Bras

Advances in bra technology mean more types of padding choices in demi cup bras. Now, women can choose from padding made of lightweight gels, molded foam pads, or inner foam bumps that enhance your cleavage. Brands such as Chantelle, Elle Macpherson, Vanity Fair, Wonderbra, and Wacoal all design and manufacture demi cup bras to women of every age, shape and lifestyle.

Choose from demi cup bras in colors ranging from classic black to bold reds and blues to demure pinks and ivories to discreet nudes and tans. Of course, the demi cup bras at are available in a variety of sizes, from 32A to 44DDD. Whether you’re dressing for a hot date or want to maximize your assets round-the-clock, shop for your Demi Cup Bras at Freshpair and receive Free Shipping!










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