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One of the easiest ways to make your bulges and panty lines invisible under anything you wear is with Spanx underwear. Spanx underwear gives women the ability to make bulges disappear when they want discreet body shaping. A wardrobe essential, Spanx underwear is made of a variety of smoothing and shaping fabrics in a wide assortment of fits.

Women seeking to make the most of their figures turn to Spanx underwear for the extra control they crave when they want to look their best. Spanx underwear lifts and shapes, flattens the tummy, and slenderize the waist. Wear Spanx enderwear underneath anything in your wardrobe when you want to slip into something slinky. Just follow our guide to the most slimming Spanks underwear available. We carry a wide variety of Spanx Underwear:

• Smoothing Spanx Underwear
• Hi-Cut Spanx Underwear
• Girl Shorts
• Lace Trimmed Spanx Underwear
• Control Spanx Underwear
• All Spanx Underwear styles available in a variey of colors!

Keep in mind that not all Spanx underwear is the same. Made to disappear under even a thin, skin-tight or clingy garment, Spanx underwear is designed to be so firming and seamless that it’s a no-show under formal or casual clothes. When shopping for Spanx underwear, consider the specific fit you’ll feel most comfortable in, as well as the degree of rise at the leg and waist. Most Spanx underwear is double-layered with varying amounts of back coverage. Other Spanx underwear is made with a waistband-free design for added comfort. Additional innovative breakthroughs in Spanx underwear include unique non-binding waistband and leg openings so the panties won’t dig into your waist or thighs.

But Spanx underwear needn’t only be functional. The Spanx underwear from is available with a variety of fashion details and fabrics that are as touchable as they are discreet. Some Spanx underwear adds feminine allure with a touch of Italian lace for a chic, high-fashion accent. Whether you’re looking for lovely lace trim or a satiny texture that disappears under clothing, our selection of Spanx underwear gives you the control you crave. Choose from Spanx underwear in colors ranging from classic black to disappearing nudes.

Spanx Underwear Girl Short

Made of a cool, soft fabric, the Hide & Sleek Girl Short from Spanx underwear has a double-layer compression to gently slim tummy, hips, upper thighs, and rear. Offering a hidden tummy control panel, the Hide & Sleek Girl Short from Spanx underwear is virtually seamless for a smooth look.

Spanx Panties

Made from a comfortable blend of nylon, spandex and cotton that’s smooth to the touch, Spanx panties offer an invisible look under clothes. A must-have lingerie item for fashion-forward women, these Spanx panties are double-layered for sleek shaping under casual and formal wear. The Hide & Sleek Hi-Rise Panty gently smoothes and firms your entire midriff all the way up to your bra line. And the seamless center on the Hide & Sleek Lace Trim Shaping Panty makes it a no-show under clothes.

Most Spanx underwear at is available in sizes S-XL. Whether you’re dressing for a hot date, a girls’ night out on the town, or want to maximize your assets round-the-clock, our selection of Spanx underwear offers a style for all occasions.




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