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If you’ve ever come across the problem of what to do when you want to wear pantyhose, but you also want to wear those great open-toed red heels you just bought, then Spanx Footless Tights are just the thing to add to your hosiery repertoire. The glory of Spanx Footless Tights is that they give you all the great shaping benefits of wearing pantyhose while they leave your feet free to look fabulous in your favorite open-toed shoes. What could be better?

Spanx has been at the forefront of the footless tights revolution with their Footless Bodyshaping Pantyhose with Super Control, their Footless Bodyshaping Pantyhose with Medium Control, and their Tight-End Footless Tights. These all share a few things in common. These styles of Spanx footless tights yield no visible panty lines. These footless pantyhose offer body shaping support to slim your tummy, thighs and rear. All Spanx footless tights are ideal layering pieces under skirts or pants. We carry several styles of Spanx Footless Tights, including:

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Spanx Footless Tights offer the ultimate solution for those who want to wear leggings but who want a more sleek appearance. Leggings add bulk under your clothing, while footless pantyhose offer the same benefit with none of the bulk. In fact, when you wear pants with your footless pantyhose, no one will ever even know you’re wearing them. At Freshpair, we have a fine selection of footless pantyhose in a full range of sizes to accommodate all of our customers. Check out our selection online today and get Free Shipping on all footless pantyhose!





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