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If you’ve ever caught site of yourself in a mirror or in a photograph and noticed that you have bulges and lines where your bra digs into your body under your favorite tight t-shirt, then you are the ideal candidate for Sassybax bras. Sassybax bras tackle that very issue by offering slight compression support and smoothing over the parts of your body that need it: your midriff and back.

Sassybax Bras: Construction

All Sassybax bras feature a soft, seamless construction that eliminates back bulge. With reinforced panels and engineered support, many of these Sassybax bras don’t even have any wires, hooks or hardware of any kind. The support from these Sassybax bras comes right from their one-of-a-kind knitting procedure that offers 360-degree seamlessness that provides comfort and support without the hassle of the hardware of conventional bras.

Putting on your Sassybax bra: The best way to put on your Sassybax bras is to step into them like one-piece swimsuits. This was, you’ll get the best smoothing from the upward pulling motion putting on your Sassybax bras and you also don’t have to worry about messing up your hair or make-up. This will give you the best possible results.

Beyond Sassybax Bras

When you think Sassybax, you probably think of Sassybax bras, but that’s not all they make. Both the Torso Trim and the Torso Trim with Underwire from Sassybax bras offer the same seamless slimming as their famous bras, but with a longer design to slim through your midriff. All you have to choose is underwire support or knit-in support. Sassybax Bras come in several different styles:

They are all seamless for the ultimate comfort. Sassybax bras will provide you with the comfort and support that you need from a bra without the annoying hardware of hooks, straps or wires. Once you see the look you’ll get from Sassybax bras, you’ll never go back to wearing your regular bras with tight tops again. Shop our Sassybax bras selection and get free shipping today!








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