The story begins with President and Founder—and former Miss Texas USA—Amanda Horan Kennedy. She realized that she couldn’t find any possible way of avoiding visible bra lines, the ugly bulges women get on their backs from where their bra straps dig in. She hunted and hunted but she couldn’t find anything to do what Sassybax now does. She knew she had to make something herself, even though she had no experience in creating bras. She knew, however, that she was a good problem solver. Thus the idea for Sassybax was born.

The Beginning

The prototype product was just a pair of control top pantyhose turned upside-down with the legs and crotch cut out. She slipped the tube over her head and stuck her head where the legs would go, creating the basis for the original model. Then she wore it out under her favorite tight sweater and it worked like a charm. Since she first created the line, Amanda Horan Kennedy has been unable to wear any other kind of bra. And most women who try them end up feeling the same way.

The thing about Amanda Kennedy’s quest to create the line is that she initially set out to combat a certain common problem posed by women’s bras, but not only did the visible bra lines disappear, but the product was able to cure a whole litany of other issues women have with their bras. For example, while women buy bras mostly for support, often they find that the very bra that is supposed to offer support actually just adds more suffering into their lives. The line offers a bra solution that gives comfortable support rather than pinching, rashes, marking of the flesh, and an ill fit. Some of the benefits include:

We carry an extensive collection of their products, including the Bralette Bra, the Bralette with Underwire, the Torso Trim with Underwire, the Sassynips Nipple Concealer, the Torso Trim, the Underwire Strapless Bandeaux Bra, and the Shaper Legging. Each solution allows women the luxury of knowing their bodies look great from a 360-degree perspective. Shop today and receive free shipping on your order!



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