hanky panky thongs

Hanky Panky thongs revolutionized the thong market, quite simply. There is no other way to describe the craze that ensued when Hanky Panky thongs were introduced. It has been said that the best things are simple things, and Hanky Panky thongs embody that sentiment with their stretch lace fabrication and simple one-size-fits all design. Thongs come in different styles including:

Stretch Lace Thongs

This original paved the way for Hanky Panky thongs to become some of the most coveted panties around. From the starlets of Hollywood to the rock-n-roll crowd, suddenly everyone was clamoring for these stretch lace thongs. The original Hanky Panky thongs were such a smashing success, Hanky Panky had to develop more. They designed the Hanky Panky Stretch Lace Low-Rider Thong to give women a low rise option for wear when hipster fashions became ultra-popular.

Colorplay, Modal, & Lace thongs

These are a variation of the originals, with a dual-color design – contrast waistbands and trim set these apart from the monochromatic Stretch Lace Thongs. Or try Modal. The stretch lace fabrication of the original Hanky Panky thongs gets an update in this collection with uber-soft stretch modal. Both versions are so comfortable you’ll almost forget you have them on, but these modal & lace versions also offer a little more coverage than the pure lace.

Hanky Panky thongs are available each season in a variety of different special edition lines, such as the Queen of Hearts collection, which was created to add allure to the Valentines Day celebration. Shop today for your favorite styles in Hanky Panky thongs and receive free shipping!






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Classic - Simple-meets-chic styles noted for minimalist design and moderate coverage.

Contemporary - Modern must-haves featuring sexy silhouettes, flirty prints, and saturated color.

Legacy - Time honored brands celebrated for dependable quality intimates.

Sophisticated - A-list collections showcasing plush fabrics and exquisite design.