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When you put on Fruit of the Loom panties, you know they will offer all-day comfort. The company primarily makes cotton underwear because they know that cotton is the best natural fabric to allow your body to breathe while giving great comfort. In recent years, the brand has taken their commitment to comfort even more seriously with the Comfort-Loom waistband. Panties with this waistband offer a plush-backed soft elastic that gently grips your body without pinching or binding so you can go about your day without having to worry about your panties.

All Fruit of the Loom panties are designed with non-binding elastic at the leg bands, cotton-enclosed elastic and wide leg openings for a full range of uninhibited motion. And when you wash these panties, you can be sure your panties will come out of the laundry just like they went in because these panties are engineered with quality to withstand wear and tear.

Styles of Panties

Part of the value in Fruit of the Loom panties comes from the fact that they can be kept for a very long time before the quality will deteriorate. They are built to last. In addition, the most recent generation are all designed with heat-transfer labels to eliminate the chafe of an interior tag. Our favorite panties styles are:

The 3-Pack White Bikini is a traditional panties style with just the right fit for active women. We also carry the Fit for Me panties collection, which is specifically designed for full figure women to give them the fit they need. Shop Fruit of the Loom today at and get Free Shipping!




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