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Fruit of the Loom Women's is a classic American brand that is so deeply a part of this country’s underwear heritage that the apparel items can be found in nearly every single home. When most people think of the brand, they picture men’s underwear and t-shirts. But it’s no secret that women love their Fruit of the Loom panties just as much as men do. The women’s collection is made up of mostly cotton basics. The women’s collections include cotton panties, cotton stretch panties and Fit for Me panties.

The entire women’s collection is built from the years of research and development, in sourcing quality cotton and finding the best waistbands and elastic to finish off the designs. Many of them come in multi-packs so it’s easy to replenish your underwear collection when it gets low.

Popular Styles

Fruit of the Loom Women's makes underwear for women of all different shapes and sizes. That is why they created their Fit for Me line. This line was developed in answer to requests from their full figure customers seeking a line of underwear choices that would give them the fit they need. Most of this line for women features full coverage panties that start at size 10 and go up to size 14 and higher. Shop today and get Free Shipping!



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Classic - Simple-meets-chic styles noted for minimalist design and moderate coverage.

Contemporary - Modern must-haves featuring sexy silhouettes, flirty prints, and saturated color.

Legacy - Time honored brands celebrated for dependable quality intimates.

Sophisticated - A-list collections showcasing plush fabrics and exquisite design.