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When Barely There bras showed up in the intimate apparel marketplace in 2000, it was in response to the mounting popularity for their underwear collection, launched five years previous. Completely seamless to show absolutely no panty lines, the underwear was an instant hit in 1995. Barely There bras were made to coordinate with the panties utilizing the same unique “flat” stitch method and ultra-soft microfiber yarn.

When you wear Barely There bras, you can be sure you’ll get supreme comfort in the construction because your Barely There bra will have a beautiful, smooth shape. Barely There bras won’t pull or ride up and the flexible underwires in Barely There bras are cushioned so they won’t pinch or bind. Lace and straps are always microfiber-backed so they won’t feel scratchy against your skin and hooks and eyes are rounded so they won’t irritate it. Barely There bras are all tag-free.

Barely There Bras and Styles

Barely There produces all of the traditional bra styles, including Barely There wire-free bras, front-close bras, underwire bras and strapless bras. Each style is given the Barely There touch and feels great when worn. In addition, there are numerous different collections to choose from. Each Barely There collection is designed for each need a woman may have. The collections include:

Most Barely There bras are constructed from a soft, stretch microfiber or a natural stretch cotton. Whichever fabrication you prefer, we’re confident you will be beyond satisfied with your bras. Rest assured that your Barely There Bras will provide you with the best comfort you can imagine. Check out our selection of Barely There bras at Freshpair today and get Free Shipping!




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