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Bali is known for affordable, supportive bras that are great for everyday wear. Being leaders in quality, fit, comfort and performance, it’s no surprise that Bali underwire bras follow this same standard. Bali underwire bras are perfect for adding the extra support that a woman may need. Some of the styles of Bali underwire bras offered include:

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For women with a larger bust, fitting into that button-up shirt can sometimes seem impossible. With minimizer Bali underwire bras the problem can be easily fixed. These Bali underwire bras provide support but also help to decrease the bust line. For example, the Passion for Comfort bra minimizer can minimize up to 1 ½ inches off the bust line. Plus with the elegant detailing and seamless fit it is a great bra for every occasion.

Many women worry that underwire bras are not as comfortable as wire-free bras. But many Bali underwire bras offer an underwire technology that aids in comfort. The No Poke Wire Lined underwire bra has a spring tipped wire for extreme comfort so you won’t have anything digging into your ribs throughout the day. This is just one of the things that make Bali underwire bras some of the best. Shop today for your Bali underwire bras and get free shipping at!










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