What to Wear

  • 1. Hosiery Color Guide

    Ever wonder what color stockings or tights to wear with that great dress or that new skirt suit you just bought? Never fear, here's a quick reference to help you match stocking colors with clothing colors.

    • Black hosiery is classy, elegant and slimming. It looks great in winter with darker clothing.

    • Grey is best with paler clothing because black can make you look bottom heavy.

    • Dark grey and silver hosiery go well with burgundy or pink clothes.

    • Navy goes with navy clothing, but it's not totally limited. A pair of navy stockings will also look great with silver or grey.

    • Skin-tone hosiery complements colorful summer clothes very well. As a general rule, you should always wear a skin tone that either matches your own or is a shade darker.

  • 2. Hosiery Denier Guide

    Now you've figured out how to pronounce the word denier, so what's it all about? What's the difference and how should you wear it?

    • Ultra-Sheer (less than 10 denier): these stockings will offer you the appearance of bare legs but you'll get the bonus of a little coverage. Be very careful when putting on ultra-sheer stockings, as they are delicate.

    • Sheer (10-20 denier): these stockings are stronger than the ultra-sheer and great for both everyday and evening wear.

    • Semi-opaque (25-35 denier): these will be even stronger than the sheer and will last longer, while still looking quite elegant.

    • Opaque (40 denier plus): these durable and long-lasting stockings are practical for everyday wear and offer added warmth in winter.