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Getting the right bra size should not be kept a secret

Watch out: While 80 percent of American women are wearing the wrong size, many are being misled

NEW YORK, NY (October 16, 2012) New York, NY ? October 16, 2012 ? Freshpair, a leading Internet retailer of men's and women's intimate apparel, hears the calls for help from the nearly 80 percent of women wearing the wrong size bra. Why is this? In some cases, it is because after being measured for their proper size, women are given a substitute ?sister size? since the bra that would fit them is not in stock. Additionally, when not in stock of the correct bra size, many retailers will ?band-aid? the problem with a different band size, disregarding the fact that if the band is not right, the whole fit of the bra is completely wrong.

In fact, did you know there are 90 distinct sizes for bras? Have you ever seen a physical retail location with 90 sizes in the bra style you like? No. But you are apt to be sold a bra anyway.

?Many brick-and-mortar retailers are offering bra fittings, but with nearly four out of five women still wearing the wrong size, there?s clearly something wrong going on,? said Matthew Butlein, president of, the leading online underwear retailer. ?One of the biggest problems appears to be the retailer?s desire to sell through inventory, regardless of fit. And with women not knowing when a bra is properly fit and when it?s not, this is a real concern.?

Statistics underscore the problem, among them:

During Freshpair?s recent fit study of 143 women, 58 percent of the women were fit into a D cup, despite the fact that most women consider themselves to be a C cup or smaller
99 percent of the women were wearing the wrong size bra and 51 percent had never been fit

Butlein added that leading national lingerie retailers and others are selling sex over comfort and fit. ?It?s no secret, we?re in an age of sexy lingerie,? Butlein said. ?But I question the culture of photoshopped supermodels being used to sell bras to the detriment of women?s comfort and health. Wearing the wrong size bra can create multiple problems, including irreversible ligament stretching and chronic lower back pain.?

?The truth is women can enjoy both sex appeal and comfort when a bra fits properly. Leading national retailers may be misleading women in their approach to sales and advertising. This is a serious problem and we?re trying to do something about it,? Butlein said. offers its own custom bra fittings. Following a live telephone consultation to determine fit, style interests, and other very important considerations, women are sent up to 20 bras to try on and return free of charge those they don?t wish to keep.

Freshpair is the largest online retailer of men's underwear and a leading online retailer of women's intimates. Freshpair has been on the industry's cutting edge since the company was founded in 2000. With its proprietary At Home Bra Fitting and subscription services, Freshpair offers a consumer experience not found anywhere else. Carrying thousands of styles from more than 100 brands, matched with exceptional advice and excellent customer care, Freshpair is the consumer market leader for underwear and lingerie needs.

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