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An active lifestyle needs clothes to facilitate it. Here at, we understand this and offer a wide range of sportswear for active men. Included in this is our collection of athletic shorts. Whether going to the gym, playing a sport or out for a run, athletic shorts provide support, comfort and occasionally style to a workout. Some of the different brands of athletic shorts offered include:

Compression Athletic Shorts

For the more advanced athlete, compression athletic shorts are a must. A compression short is designed to aid circulation throughout the leg muscles to prevent fatigue and maximize performance. The Bike CPS Compression Performance Short does just that. The soft-knitted fabric has just enough stretch to effectively reduce muscle fatigue. Plus, these athletic shorts help you to perform at your peak. The Russell NXT Compression Short is another pair of athletic shorts that offer the benefits of a compression short. The ergonomic paneled construction of these shorts is designed to enhance performance.

Athletic Shorts at

All of the athletic shorts offered are great for a workout at the gym. The Champion Long Mesh Shorts are a classic pair of athletic shorts that you see most men wearing to the gym. The best part is these athletic shorts come with pockets so you can keep your most personal belongings on you throughout your workout.

For a more fashionable look to the gym try the American Jock French Terry workout short. These athletic shorts help show off the body that you’re working so hard to sculpt and perfect. Also from American Jock, the Workout Short with built in jock is great for giving maximum support and mobility without having to add that extra piece of clothing. Any of the athletic shorts offered are sure to make you work up a sweat. Shop today and get free shipping!




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