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Do you have a new suit, but can’t seem to find the proper pair of dress socks to wear with it? Look no further then Freshpair.com! We understand how important a good pair of dress socks can be and we make sure to carry some of the best and most comfortable dress socks from some of the best brands out there. Some of the brands that we carry include:


The 2xist Dress Socks at Freshpair utilize their soy fiber technology. The soy weave allows for natural anti-bacterial and moisture wicking properties, keeping your feet dry and clean at all times. Different Dress Sock designs, such as the soy Zig Zag dress sock or the Diamond Dress Sock add flair to your outfit and look great whether you’re going into work or going out to dinner.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein offers different styles of dress socks, from innovative socks that utilize bamboo fiber to classic ribbed dress socks. The Bamboo blend in these socks offers moisture wicking as well as anti-bacterial properties for comfort throughout the day. Both the classic and bamboo fiber dress socks come in three packs for people who want to stock up so they always have a pair ready.


Falke is known for the quality sock design, and their dress socks are no exception. Many of Falke’s dress socks feature thermodynamic technology that helps regulate temperature, keeping your feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Made from fine wool, Falke Dress Socks utilize the finest design to give you a classic look and comfortable feel. Shop for your Dress Socks at Freshpair and get free shipping on your next domestic order.




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