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Nothing says comfy for a man like a good pair of lounge pants. Lounge pants are great for sleeping and for just lounging around your room. They give you a loose fit for comfort and maintain that comfort throughout the night or day. Slip a pair on right before you catch some zzz’s or right after you get back from work. You can choose from an assortment of different brands at Freshpair, including:

Lounge Pants at Freshpair.com

The lounge pants that are offered at Freshpair.com are some of the best. All of the lounge pants are super light weight and comfortable. You can choose from cotton jersey construction, cotton mesh, or 100% cotton. Many come with an elastic drawstring to keep your pants secure on your hips. When you shop at Freshpair.com you can be sure that you’ll be getting the highest in quality and comfort.

Popular Lounge Pants

Some of the favorites at Freshpair.com include the Clever Underwear Lounge Pants. These are classic relaxed-fitting pants made from lightweight cotton construction, and are exactly what you'll want to slip on when you get home from work each night. Or try the Woven Yarn Dye pants from Report Collection, a super-comfortable, lightweight cotton pant for wearing around the house and to bed. Or try the Calvin Klein Brushed Jersey Pant made from super-soft 100% brushed cotton jersey. Shop for lounge pants at Freshpair and get free shipping on your next domestic order!




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