petit-Q, launched in 2011, is a men's French underwear brand designed by Arthus and Nico. The men's underwear line is described as sexy and edgy with a playful touch. petit-Q likes to emulate a sexy but fun nature as displayed in their photo shoots and videos.

petit-Q offers a variety of different men's styles such as thongs, bikinis, long johns, jockstraps, trunks, among many more.

Some of the collections featured in petit-Q's line are:


One of petit-Q's top-rated items is the Kini Lace Bikini. This men's bikini is made with sheer, mesh material boasting a bold design and allows you to show off your body in one of the most flattering and comfortable ways possible. Another top-rated item is the Silver G-String. This men's G-string is made with a stretch microfiber material that forms to your body, showing off all the important areas! The silver glitter trim adds a bit of pizazz to its overall look.

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