perry ellis underwear

Perry Ellis started his own Women's Sportswear Collection in 1978. He produced distinctly individual clothes and accessories that changed the way American fashion was viewed. In 1980, he created his menswear collection, which revolutionized men's casual clothing in America. Perry Ellis Underwear and t-shirts are a big part of the current men’s collection and top sellers among men’s underwear brands. At Freshpair, we carry Perry Ellis Underwear from two collections:

The PE Fit collection is predominantly Perry Ellis t-shirts and Perry Ellis underwear made from 100% cotton with classic fits. The Ultimate Fit collection is made from stretch cotton with more contoured, body-conscious fits. Both of these collections from Perry Ellis Underwear are designed to give you the best possible fit without compromising any comfort.

PE Fit collection

Included in this series are the White Modern Boxer, the White Trunk, the 2-Pack PE Fit White Crew Neck T-Shirt, the White Boxer Brief, the 2-Pack PE Fit White Tank Top and the 3-Pack PE Fit White Brief. The Modern Boxer is the perfect pair of Perry Ellis Underwear to show what this collection is all about. Constructed from soft cotton jersey, this is a classic boxer with a softer edge. The Perry Ellis t-shirts in this collection have traditional fits, soft cotton construction and make ideal layering pieces.

Ultimate Fit collection

This collection features both Perry Ellis Underwear and Perry Ellis t-shirts made from soft stretch cotton for a contoured, body-conscious fit. This soft stretch cotton allows the Perry Ellis Underwear to provide the most comfortable and best possible fit. We carry the Low Rise Hipster Trunk, the Ultimate Fit Boxer Brief, the V-Neck T-Shirt, the Ultimate Fit Tank, and the Ultimate Fit Brief.

Each item by Perry Ellis Underwear has been designed with exceptional attention to detail and fine craftsmanship to make them ideal pieces for stocking up. These items are designed to fit perfectly and they feel wonderful to wear. Check out our fine selection of Perry Ellis Underwear and t-shirts here and we’ll give you free shipping on every domestic order!