The designer Mary Green, already an innovator in the world of washable silk lingerie, expanded her successful women’s silk lingerie business to include a menswear line called Mansilk. Indulgently luxurious and supremely comfortable, the Mansilk line is often bold and colorful and always ultra-sleek and gentle on the skin. Mansilk men's underwear is the ideal choice for men who prefer their everyday basics to be of a high caliber.

Mansilk men’s underwear is known, both nationally and internationally, for their high quality silk boxers and sleepwear. Made in the same manufacturing style as Mary Green, Mansilk men's underwear carries silk briefs, boxers, boxer briefs, sleepwear, and thongs. Some of Mansilk’s most popular items include the Mansilk Satin Boxers and the Mansilk Silk Satin Mini Brief.

Mansilk Silks and Fabrics

The silk used to create the Mansilk line is an amazing fabric. It is as strong as steel, yet can be spun and woven into the most delicate and luxurious of fabrics. The silk fiber of Mansilk men's underwear is also triangular in shape at the micro-level, which gives it unique light reflecting properties resulting in its beautiful sheen. Even though it is both compact and lightweight, the silk of Mansilk men's underwear is able to keep you incredibly warm in the cold as well as nice and cool in warm temperatures. Silk has natural thermodynamic properties that regulate the temperature, so Mansilk underwear give you that cool sleek feeling in summer that you love, as well as the warm, insulated feeling in winter. Mansilk underwear is not just revered for its good looks, but it also happens to have a fine technical fabrication as well.

Mansilk Styles at Freshpair

Some of the most popular Mansilk styles at Freshpair are the Mansilk Silk Knit Thong, for the minimalist, the Mansilk Stripe Jacquard Boxer, for the traditionalist, the Mansilk Silk Satin Thong, for those who love super sleek comfortable fabric against their most sensitive skin. Men who prefer a pouch style under garment will love the Mansilk Silk Knit Pouch. For a traditional brief design with a minimalist edge to it, the Mansilk Silk Satin Mini Brief is the ideal choice. Mansilk silk knit is also a popular choice because it has the soft matte feel of a woven fabric yet it retains all the technical properties of silk. The Mansilk Silk Knit with Spandex Boxer Brief is a great style that even includes a little stretch to give men a custom fit. Other popular styles of Mansilk Underwear include:

Silk boxers have long been coveted by men who are tempted by luxury. The Mansilk Satin Boxer and the Mansilk Silk Knit Boxer Brief are classics sure to please any man with refined taste. The Mansilk Silk Knit with Spandex Thong is a great option for men who are looking for just a bit of coverage without a lot of excess fabric. Other popular choices, aside from Mansilk underwear, are Mansilk sleepwear and Mansilk tops. The Mansilk Stripe Jacquard PJ Pant, the Mansilk Silk Knit with Spandex Sleeveless Muscle Shirt and the Mansilk Stripe Jacquard Robe are all fine silk accoutrements to add to any man’s luxury collection. Explore the wide selection of Mansilk products and get Free Shipping on your Mansilk order from Freshpair!