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Falke socks are well-known among athletes, extreme sports enthusiasts and adventurers for their supreme quality and fine design engineering. Created with specific design details for everything from skiing, trekking, running, tennis and golf to all around sports and urban outdoor pursuits, Falke socks, like all their apparel, are created in conjunction with the Falke Ergonomic Sport System, based on the following three pillars:


The Falke Ergonomic Sport System adjusts to the natural movement of the human body during sport activities.  Each Falke piece is designed to regulate body temperature and transfer moisture away from the body.  Falke socks and apparel are designed to offer optimum protection and all the support you need to attain your goals.

Every pair of Falke socks, from the Falke wool blend socks to those made for running, golf, trekking, skiing and tennis are designed to enhance comfort and support for the part of your body that bears your weight all day long.

Falke at Freshpair

At Freshpair, we are proud to carry an extensive collection of Falke socks and Falke ergonomic apparel to improve your sport performance and help you achieve your athletic goals. We carry a wide selection of items from Falke, including items from the Athletic Light collection and the Comfort Cool collection.  Pieces from the Falke Athletic Light collection lend an uncompromising fit with supremely supportive compression for your muscles and are designed for all-weather, year-round use to give you great moisture-management.  The close-fitting pieces from the Falke Comfort Cool collection have a comfortable cut and are cool, light and breathable for high-intensity sports.

With more than a century of design engineering, Falke socks and Falke apparel has become synonymous with quality, excellence and product innovation. In the early years, the company was just a small knitting business that put out about two dozen socks a day and has since grown into a huge group of fashion and textile companies. Once you wear them, you’ll understand why they are the standard by which all else is measured.



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