etiquette clothiers underwear & socks

Etiquette Clothiers Underwear & Socks

You don’t have to be familiar with an ascot or a tie bar to wear Etiquette socks. They are, after all, classic styles with a modern twist. The carefully crafted, no-frills design truly makes Etiquette Clothier underwear and socks the perfect accent to any outfit. Etiquette underwear are made of a luxurious, soft, organic stretch cotton that will add a touch of sophistication to your underwear drawer.


Etiquette Clothiers Socks

The best way to enhance any outfit. Etiquette socks add a touch of sophistication to a man's ankles. The fun striped socks and patterned socks give this men's clothing staple a much-needed bit of flair. The Etiquette Clothiers Alpine Stripe Sock is a stylish, high quality sock with flat seems, so they won't bunch up in your shoes.


Etiquette Clothiers Underwear

Men's Etiquette Clothiers underwear is made from top quality materials with a superior construction. Etiquette Clothiers men's underwear is available in briefs, boxer briefs, and boxer shorts, so there is a pair for every style-seeking gentlemen. The Etiquette Clothiers Classic Boxer Brief features a plush-lined waistband and a stretchy organic cotton, for added comfort.


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