c-in2 low rise

Low rise underwear is all the rage right now, and C-IN2 low rise underwear is leading the charge. With bold colors and exciting prints along with high end fabrics and designs, C-IN2 low rise underwear is a premiere style. Designed for wearing with low rise pants that are becoming more and more popular with men, C-IN2 low rise underwear allows for a man to wear these kinds of pants without having his underwear sticking out.

Despite these styles being fashionably low, the C-IN2 low rise collection has a unique sexy waistband with the C-IN2 logo printed on it. This style does avoid too much underwear showing, but with such a fashionable waistband like the ones on the C-IN2 low rise collection, it’s okay for it to peek above the waistline. Some of the different C-IN2 low rise collections offered include:

C-IN2 Low Rise at Freshpair.com

Freshpair.com offers several different C-IN2 low rise styles to wear with that favorite pair of jeans. The Bamboo Mesh Slider Brief has a great waistband to show off with the C-IN2 logo crawling across it. Made from a bamboo infused stretch fabric, this C-IN2 low rise pair provides the ultimate in comfort. This classic brief cut also has stretch rib leg bands to prevent ride-up. This and other styles are available here at Freshpair.com. Shop today and get free shipping!