3g swimwear for men

3G swimwear is made by the Gregg Homme brand, with years of experience in creating sexy swimwear for men. This division has a bold, colorful edge to it that makes it feel simultaneously younger and (slightly) less racy than Gregg Homme. For men who love the fit of Gregg Homme and are looking for new styles to expand their repertoire, 3G swimwear is the perfect beach attire for you. 


3G Swimwear


3G men's swimwear is currently available in four styles; the swim brief, such as Karma Swim Brief and Olympia Swim Brief, and the square cut swim trunk, available in the Olympia Swim Square Cut Trunk and Cargo Swim Square Cut Trunk.





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Designer - Finely crafted collections featuring the best fabrics and body defining fits.

Bold - Fashion forward styles with lower rises, on-trend colors, and edgy prints.

Thrill - Provocative styles with minimal fabric and maximum sex appeal.

Classic - Understated collections and essential basics favored for a comfortable, tailored fit.