2xist low rise

2xist is in the forefront for men’s underwear fashion. With waistlines getting lower and lower on men’s pants it’s only natural for the underwear to get lower as well. 2xist low rise underwear is not only great for wearing with a pair of low rise jeans, but they also look great and fashionable on. Some of the great 2xist low rise styles we carry are:

2xist Low Rise Underwear at Freshpair.com

One of the premiere 2xist low rise collections is the Carbon line. Donned with a slick silver waistband, this collection shows off the sexy side of 2xist low rise underwear. The bamboo infused fabric also makes this 2xist low rise collection antimicrobial, deodorizing and moisture-wicking for all day wearability. The line has both trunks and briefs and is sure to be a great pair of 2xist low rise underwear.

One of the great things about the 2xist low rise collection is that it includes boxer shorts. The Low Rise Mismatched Heart Woven Boxer is perfect for men who prefer a less restricting fit but still don’t want their underwear to show at their waistline. This refined and trendy update on a classic edition is perfect for today’s fashion-conscious boxer shorts wearer. Whatever pair of 2xist low rise underwear you decided on, it’s sure to both make a fashion statement and provide the most comfort. Shop for 2xist low rise underwear today and get free shipping at Freshpair.com!