2eros underwear & swimwear

2eros is pronounced 'To Eros'. Eros, the Greek God of lust and love, represents sex, lust, passion. As a result, 'To Eros' means 'to the God of Love', swimwear apparel designed for men who's looking for sexy and luxury designs when striping down to your swimwear or underwear. 2eros range in designs that are both stylish and functional. They specialize in form-fitting and low-rise designs to heighten  those assets.2eros is not afraid of colors when it comes to their swimwear. Daring, bold,  and comfortable are which describes the 2eros collection.

2eros underwear- colorful design ranges from lowrise brief to low rise trunk. Made with a type of nylon tactel with wicking and elastane The material  allows sweat to be pushed back from the skin, so you'll be drier and you'll feel better.

2eros swimwear- colorful design with internal drawstring and contrast trimming .



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