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News brief: It's National Underwear Day

WASHINGTON - Are the contents of your underwear drawer a little ragged? Got some stained, stretched or holey items? You're not alone. And luckily, there's a group that wants to help you do something about it.

In celebration of the 9th annual National Underwear Day on Friday Aug. 5, is giving away 5,000 pairs of free underwear throughout August.

"People think just because you can't see their underwear, it doesn't matter how it looks," says Freshpair President Matthew Butlein on the company website. "National Underwear Day changes that opinion, year after year."

The underwear awareness drive is, in part, a reaction to a recent poll by the company that revealed 73 percent of Americans wear underwear that's far passed its expiration date. That, added to Freshpair statistics showing nearly 80 percent of folks wear the same type of undies their entire adult lives, 60 percent of which don't even fit correctly, made this a fight worth fighting.

"Regardless of how many pairs they own, the average American man or woman alternates between the same 10 pairs of underwear or panties, each one clocking approximately 900 hours of wear a year," reads a company news release. "That's five weeks worth of sweating, stretching and being sat on. Factor in roughly 60 wash and dry cycles, and it's a miracle they're still in one piece."

Except they're not, the company says. Most people admit some favorite pairs droop from loose elastic and sag in not-so-shapely places.

And that's where the giveaway comes in. would like folks to try some different fits and fashions when they shop for underwear.

To get head start on shopping, enter the giveaway here.

Check out scenes from National Underway Day runway shows of years past:

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