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How Freshpair Uses Sales Automation to Keep Shopping Carts Moving

Getting people to come to an e-commerce site is just the beginning. After
that, you've got to keep them coming back, keep them from getting
distracted, and get them to actually buy.

Online retailer Freshpair uses marketing automation and personalization
to reduce the rate of shopping cart abandonment and improve email

Freshpair, which sells men's and women's "intimate apparel" (that's underwear to you
and me), uses marketing automation software from Monetate to send reminder emails the
day after customers put items in their shopping carts and then abandon them, Freshpair marketing director Lindsay Massey told The CMO Site.

Freshpair uses the Monetate software to put a personalized information box on site pages to remind customers, when they return, that they have items in their carts that haven't been checked out.

Not only are customers more likely to buy the item in their carts, the add-to-cart rate increased by 16.5 percent -- meaning customers who receive the abandoned-cart email then add additional items to their carts after they come back.

Previously, customers had to look for the cart when they returned to the site after
receiving an abandoned-cart reminder. "This calls out exactly where the cart is. It's a message similar to what they saw in the email," Massey said.

The email campaign proved so successful that now, customers with abandoned items in
their carts see the same reminder on the site whenever they come to visit.
And personalization helps decrease the bounce rate from email by 33.8 percent
(measured by customers who click the email link to return to the Freshpair site but don't click another link from there).

Freshpair does extensive personalization on the site, driven by Monetate. "We use them to target by country, different geographic locations. If we know it's raining, we might display a different message for you: 'It's raining, stay inside and shop our clearance,' something along those lines," Massey said. Internationalization allows Freshpair to offer different shipping options on the site for different locations, while personalization allows the merchant to change views of the site for individual shoppers based on what brands they've purchased and the last time they visited the site.

Freshpair uses A/B testing to determine which creatives, authors, placements, and other factors are most effective. In particular, Freshpair's testing exposed different shopping habits for men and women. Men seem to be more style oriented, preferring briefs, boxers, or thongs. Men are also more driven by sales and discounts. "Women are a little more brand loyal -- for example, when they find a bra brand they like -- because they know it fits," Massey said.

Likewise, testing determined that smaller product images seem to work better than larger ones.

Freshpair is just getting started on social media. The company has a Facebook and
Twitter account and used its email list to drive followers on social pages in late 2010. The company also has a YouTube page, with only a few videos. "Social is still an area we're learning about. It's definitely not something we feel we've mastered yet," Massey said. is also using Monetate software to drive online marketing, while Lucky
Brand Jeans uses marketing automation software from IBM, which sponsors The CMO

— Mitch Wagner , Editor in Chief, The CMO Site

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