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It's National Underwear Day--time to strip, get wasted and dance in Hollywood

By Erin Weinger

This kind of sounds like a, uh, “mysterious rash” in the making, but at least it has an honorable cause., a website devoted to selling skivvies, has proclaimed today their ninth annual “National Underwear Day.” What that means exactly, we’re not quite sure (we’re guessing going commando is frowned upon). But whatever the reason, the company has teamed up with local dance club Playhouse on an evening of underwear-themed festivities with a charitable twist.

If you show up to da club sans pants, Playhouse will donate $5 to the Lance Armstrong Foundation for cancer research. Want a new pair of undies to take home? is donating pairs to the first 100 patrons who don’t mind slipping them on from the comfort of a red carpet dressing room. Last but not least, bottle service ballers who like a little breeze in their shorts will get a free bottle of champagne, while standard guests who wear their best pair of panties get complimentary admission and enjoy free vodka until 11 p.m.

A room full of underwear-clad clubgoers liquored up on free booze? Just remember kids, crabs are no joke.

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