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National Underwear Day
August 4, 2009

We Italians love holidays and would never oppose adding another one to our busy calendars! But, for now, we’ll leave the creativity up to the the U.S. where today is National Underwear Day.

Inaugurated in August 2003 by Freshpair, National Underwear Day has gone on to invade New York each year with a full-blown fashion show featuring several major celebrities.

Last year marked a jaw-dropping success when models paraded through Time Square in their “unmentionables,” which Freshpair president, Michael Kleinmann, would like mentioned with a whole lot more underlining comfort!

You can celebrate this year all month long by just logging on to, which is happy to bring you the holiday, no matter where you live, with contests and giveaways of your favorite name brands.

Definitely try winning a pair of those briefs with the bold metallic waistband, which, Freshpair says, are all the rage this year!

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