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Spanx for Men Deliver Easy Six Pack Abs
By: Mark Leevan

Call it shape-wear if you must, just don’t call it a guy girdle. Spanx for men, the compression undergarment to give the impression of slimmer, more toned abs is the hit of the summer.

All the upscale retailers are reporting much higher than anticipated sales of the mans undergarment.

The new Spanx for men is not getting a lot of talk around the locker room however, but some force is creating quite a stir in men’s fashion circles.

The men’s fashion director at Neiman-Marcus told the New York Times, “We are selling them as quickly as Spanx can make them. Men may not be talking about it, but they’re buying it.”

The president of Freshpair, a website that sells “torso-enhancing” tees, says “profile-enhancing” underwear is also quite popular.

Both companies admit that in-store sales can’t compare to online sales as men prefer to shop anonymous for the body slimming underwear.

Marketing of Spanx for Men and similar products tends to downplay the advantages of holding in that beer belly in favor of improving posture, giving better back support, and reducing bulky underclothes.

But the Spanx for Men website makes it perfectly clear that this is a fashion product by referring to it as a “cotton compression undershirt.”

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