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National Underwear Day Giveaway

Although it’s been really hot lately and some of you may be trying to avoid it, wearing underwear is the first step of getting dressed.

It doesn’t matter if you throw on boxers or briefs, being a mess under your clothes is as unforgivable as wearing a pillow sack with Crocs. Orange ones.

So, if you’ve been negligent in stocking up on this basic necessity, it’s time to get it together, to try something new and to celebrate your intimates with National Underwear Day!

This year’s National Underwear Day, an annual holiday/event started by our friends at, will take place on Aug. 5, 2010.

To get you excited about loving your lingerie, Freshpair will be holding all sorts of unreal sales and doing other neat stuff that we’ll dive into later.

As you know, Haute and the City loves a party in your underwear drawer, so any excuse to give your privates some pizazz is good with us! Because we are so committed to you enjoying what’s under your clothes, we’re going to be giving away a wardrobe of underwear to one lucky reader on National Underwear Day!

That means from now until Aug. 3, YOU can enter to win a wardrobe of a brand of underwear! For the ladies, we’re offering a wardrobe of tempting b.tempt’d and we’re mixing up what the guys wear downstairs with Piss & Vinegar OR Expose (winner’s choice).

You might be thinking, “Woah. These brands are craaaazy!” – well, THEY ARE. It’s time to have a little a lotta fun! Plus, these pieces are so haute you’ll have a hard time NOT showing them off!

“How do I win a bunch of cool underwear,” you ask?

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