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Party Pics: Femme Fatales at the Playhouse Hollywood for National Underwear Day

By David Oliver

Okay, so here’s something I don’t get invited to everyday (or really… like, ever): there was an event this past Friday at the Playhouse Hollywood whereby the online underwear site,, was celebrating the ninth annual National Underwear Day. Special guests of the evening were several actresses from Cinemax’s genre anthology show, Femme Fatales. I did a bit of biz with the nice people from that program recently (here), and they were kind enough to let me in on the gig. Guests of the club stripped down for charity in support of Lance Armstong’s LiveStrong Foundation for Cancer.

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The crew from Femme Fatales was also using the event to celebrate their successful first season and pickup for a second, which was just announced a couple of weeks ago. So it was a chance to party for a good cause in a swank Hollywood club and hobnob with some beautiful actresses. Oh, and there were half naked models scattered about courtesy of and Playhouse’s own (and very healthy) dancers and servers, who got into the spirit of things… by getting out of their things.

And all I had to do for free admission was show up and take a few snaps. So I thought: “Sure, why not?”

So feel free to check out the pics below, and thanks to the fine folks over at Femme Fatales, as well as and Playhouse Hollywood for one of the more interesting and…revealing nights in recent memory.

Oh and FYI, all the pics are clickable. Some very clickable.

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