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Freshpair push up "bra" for men puts family jewels front and center

The acceptable term for the men's push up bra "profile-enhancing underwear" and it has nothing to do with moobs.

Rather the Freshpair shapewear is intended the put a man's junk, the family jewels, his package, whatever out front and center and help define and shape and enhance a man's genitals.

Others that have joined the band wagon are shapewear makers Andrew Christian, BumGear, Joe Snyder, Gregg Homme and Calvin Klein.

Makers "package enhancers" feature padding, special pouches or elastic bands called "sling supports" that help create a look of more generous endowment.

This type of underwear has been mainstream in the gay and fetish community for a long time, along with crotchless, backless, thongs, and etc.

Retailers are reporting strong sales of such products from Spanx, Equmen, Sculptees and Ript Fusion.

"Everyone wants to look better. Women have had all sorts of shapewear for a long time. And men want the same thing. People want to feel sexy in their underwear. They want to feel good. If they look good, they feel good. Even if you don't really care about your underwear, you still want to feel good in it,” said one of the makers of the shapewear.

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